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Ten Allegany High School students attended the 2015 National Fall Leadership Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The NFLCs are designed to help students CONNECT in the coming year! During the two-day event the students participated in workshops, built networking skills, and communicated effectively with students across the United States.  During the opening session the participants were entertained by Patty Hendrickson, former FBLA and PBL member.  Patty provided a high-energy and interactive program about leadership, engagement and motivation. At the closing session, Johan Khalilian told his personal story and his life goals of helping people dream great dreams and foster the courage to live them out. Johan connected easily with audience of all ages and racial backgrounds and kept their attention with his warm charisma, witty humor, comical story-telling, and thought-provoking message. He uses his life story to compel his audience to make healthy choices, avoid destructive behaviors, and pursue their life dreams and passions. Johan did a masterful job of meeting the attendees and easily related to their lives, effectively breaking through walls and touching hearts.

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Bowling Team

Bowling try-outs are complete. The list will be posted on the bulletin board Wednesday morning.

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TUESDAY, November 24

Balfour Cap & Gown Order

All-County Choir Concert at Fort Hill

Naval Academy Representative in the Library 11:00 AM

WEDNESDAY, November 25

Three-Hour Early Dismissal

Mr. Allegany Pageant in the Auditorium 8:00 AM

THURSDAY, November 26

Schools & Offices Closed – Thanksgiving Day

FRIDAY, November 27

Schools & Offices Closed

SATURDAY, November 28

MONDAY, November 30

School Resumes

ACTA Meeting in the Library for Potential Retirees 4:00 PM

TUESDAY, December 1

Poetry Out Loud Contest in the Auditorium during Period 5

WEDNESDAY, December 2

THURSDAY, December 3

FRIDAY, December 4

Academic Endowment Committee Meeting in the Library 12:00 PM

Freshmen Basketball vs. Northern Home 4:15 PM

Boys’ Basketball vs. Northern Home 6:00 PM

SATURDAY, December 5

SAT Test at Allegany 7:30 AM

Wrestling vs. Southern Home 2:00 PM

SUNDAY, December 6 “Hanukkah begins at sundown”

Youth Softball Clinic in the Gymnasium 1:00 PM


NOUN: Analogy – a similarity between like features of two things VERB: Trace – outline, follow the course of

VERB: Refer – mention NOUN: Connection – relating something you read to what you know




Detention Hall

November 23 Mrs. Dunlap

November 24, 30 Mrs. Edwards

December 1-2 Mrs. Stewart

December 3, 7 Mrs. Geiger


Preparing all students for tomorrow’s challenges – life, college, career.

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Teacher of the Year

Allegany Teacher of the Year

Brian White, National Board Certified Teacher, received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Frostburg State University in 1995.  He teaches AP U.S. History, AP Human Geography, and Historical Research Methods at his alma mater, Allegany High School.  Brian created the Historical Research Methods course, inspiring other state models and receiving national recognition.  He serves as the Assistant Band Director and the Mock Trial coach.  Brian was the recipient of the Maryland History Teacher of the Year Award in 2005, the Maryland International Reading Association Council Print and Media Award in 2007, and was recognized as a Maryland Gifted and Talented Educator of Excellence in 2010.  

"I believe that my role as an educator is to be an advocate for my students and make available to them the best learning experience possible.  Most successful educators work in cooperation with each other, as well as with the greater community, resulting in the development of students that can exceed all expectations." - Brian White



Preparing all students for tomorrow’s challenges – life, college, and career



History of Allegany

Allegany High School was initially a secondary education school held on Maryland Avenue. The school had many different locations including the building on Greene Street, which was used as a combined middle/high school until the spring of 1926. At that time, the building now known as Allegany High School had been completed and was prepared to accept Greene Street’s high school students. Middle school students remained on Greene Street until the school later burned down in 1932. “Camp Hill,” the site of the present day Allegany, was a federal army camp during the Civil War.

The “Camper” mascot is a source of much confusion. Many think the name refers to Campobello, a Shawnee Indian Tribe camp, from which the federal army took their name during the Civil War. This, however, is a misconception. The most widely accepted theory is that Civil War General Lewis Wallace and his men began calling the site that during their time here. The word Campobello in fact does not appear in any Native American language and is derived from Latin, meaning “camp of war”.

Allegany High School, with an enrollment of approximately 800 students, focuses on student achievement and success in all areas of education through a combined effort of students, faculty, staff, home, and community. The class of 2008 marked an important milestone for Allegany: the students were the 120th class to graduate from the long-standing institution.

Vision/Mission Statements

Allegany High School


Education must be a cooperative effort involving the student, the teacher, the home, the school, and the community. Recognizing that the student must be the focal point of our education program, we must instill a desire for learning and create a learning environment in which the student can learn and develop according to ability and interest. The curriculum must emphasize life skills, preparation for continuing education, and preparation for employment to enable our students to become responsible citizens and enjoy a productive life. The school must ensure an atmosphere that will promote learning through the cooperative effort of staff, students, family, and community working together.